About us

Brandeme ⁣⁣⁣is a multi-channel marketing agency helping companies expand their business through strategic online advertising and end-to-end marketing solutions.
Our integrated approach and unrivalled expertise allow clients to discover new market opportunities and see better results and traffic for their brand.
Brandeme will help you target the right audiences in the right locations in the right way, and build your business through compelling marketing.
Brandeme is a digital marketing agency specializing in online advertising and media buying. It provides end-to-end marketing and digital support services to drive traffic and improve online results for clients seeking to expand their brand towards new buyers.
Brandeme also enables companies to establish ownership and autonomy over their marketing efforts with our custom campaign analysis services and relevant statistics.
We create effective ad campaigns on the most influential demand-side platforms.
Before starting we always carry out in-depth research of the market niché you want to take in a desired region of EMEA. Careful planning of the future strategy with a segment overview, competitors positioning, customers analysis and a sales forecast guarantee us a long-term success.

Our values & principles


We guarantee our customers quality work and results.

Strategy efficiency

We develop individual strategies for different areas.

Customer driven results

The goals of our work are to solve customer problems and needs.

Transparent & data-driven

With our unique dashboard system we let you see what your budget is really spent on.

Technology & Innovation

We use leading technologies and advanced platforms for your best promotion.


Brandeme has worked with a variety of clients and targets over the years.